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A pregnant cat went to the hospital alone to give birth!

Pregnant cat goes to the hospital alone to give birth

Unique images captured by the cameras of a clinic in Iasi, Romania

A group of doctors at a veterinary clinic in Iasi had an unexpected surprise when they spotted a pregnant cat waiting outside the clinic after midnight. The whole incident was captured on the clinic’s surveillance cameras. The employees went out to check on the cat and brought her inside. Within an hour, the cat gave birth to four healthy kittens. Loving families have already adopted all of the kittens.

Video footage has emerged showing a determined cat walking towards the emergency entrance of a veterinary clinic in the city of Iasi, Romania.

When the cat arrived, Mădălina Stanciu, a veterinarian, examined her and found that the cat was insistent on entering the hospital alone. Her colleagues eventually took her in. An ultrasound revealed that she was pregnant with four kittens, delivered within an hour.

Ana Maria Lisac, another veterinarian, said that such cases are extraordinary, and it’s fantastic to see a cat approaching the door and asking for help. The medical team was thrilled to have had the honour of participating in this beautiful event.

Later, the team tried to determine how the cat got to the clinic door.

Mădălina Stanciu, veterinarian: “We thought someone had brought it, we thought someone had abandoned it. And the next day, we looked at the surveillance cameras outside and saw that it came alone.”

Several animal lovers decided to adopt her puppies.

Teodora Marcu, veterinarian: “After finding a healthy kitty on the premises, we saw that she had an advanced stage of pregnancy. We decided to take her for an ultrasound to see how far along she was. It turned out that the kittens were in excellent condition and ready to be born any day.

We prepared a comfortable crib for the kitty and provided her with food and water. She settled down, started to purr, and soon gave birth to four adorable kittens. Two males and two females were quickly adopted, but the mother is still waiting for a loving home.

We will care for the kittens until they are weaned and fully vaccinated. Once the mother is spayed and vaccinated, she will also be ready for adoption.”

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